Introducing the

Label Printer

As digital as the rest of your world.

One label printer for all your labelling needs. From plastic & paper labels to signage & name cards. WiFi compatible for printing labels wherever you are. Fast portable app controlled.

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Labeller and more...

The Leitz Icon Smart Labelling System will completely change the way you make labels and organize your life. Print labels for envelopes, file folders, packages, and banners up to 910 mm long. With speeds of up to 200 labels per minute (Using standard die-cut, 4 line address size labels), Leitz Icon is the fastest label printer on the market.

Included in the pack: Leitz Icon printer, Starter label cartridge 88 mm, USB cable, Warranty leaflet, Quick start guide, Cleaning card, Mains power adaptor.

Core functions

Address & Shipping Labels

Snap in the die-cut cartridge and print shipping or postage labels in large or small sizes for different packages. Lots of packages to send?! The Leitz Icon is unbeatably fast and can print 200 labels per minute. The intelligent cartridges can cut each die-cut label separately or will keep them together as a continuous roll. Very useful for if you’re shipping to multiple contacts. Permanent adhesive, die-cut white paper labels that are ideal for heavy duty mailings and printing addresses and shipping labels.

Paper Tape General Purpose Label Printing

A continuous adhesive backed paper tape with a total length of 22 meters. Labels come in permanent adhesive white paper tape. The printer cuts the label to the length you need – saving time and waste. You can even print in different orientations depending on what you are looking to print, e.g. addresses and shipping labels, files and signage – and even long banners.

Plastic Tape Printing & Banners

A continuous plastic tape with a total length of 10 meters. Permanent adhesive that’s easy to peel off from liner. The printer automatically cuts the label to the length you need and can print in either orientation.

*exposure to direct sunlight may fade the label after some time

Cards for Name Badges

A continuous card tape with a total length of 22 meters. Non adhesive white card perfect for name badges. Automatically cut the card to the length you need, so no wasting of an entire sheet of cards to print just one. You can even print in different orientations depending on what you are looking to print, e.g. name badges or appointment cards and much more.

Key benefits

Leitz Icon prints up to 200 labels per minute.

Take the compact Leitz Icon anywhere. Use the optional Li-ion battery pack which lasts up to 12 hours or 1200 labels.

With its powerful, easy-to-use software, Leitz Icon works with Windows, Mac, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). With built-in USB and WiFi, Leitz Icon is ideal for individual and shared use.

A cartridge system so easy that the labels load automatically once you drop the cartridge into the printer. A cartridge system so intelligent that the printer, and every user, know which type of label is loaded and how much is left.

Labels from 12mm to 88mm wide and up to 2m long. Cut to size so you can get almost any label from just one cartridge. Leitz Icon prints on either die cut or continuous paper or card labels. Leitz Icon also prints on white, yellow and red plastic labels.

LABEL PRINTING - Leitz Icon prints die-cut and continuous paper labels.
LABEL MAKER - Leitz Icon prints on continuous plastic labels.
DESKTOP PRINTING - Leitz prints die cut address paper labels incredibly fast.